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  • An investment in a tangible infrastructure, supported by local government with a clear permit pathway.
  • Steady, reachable market with projected 10% CAGR within the fastest growing sport branch.
  • In-line with industry pillars outlined by EU growth policy.
  • Market studies indicate a clear unfulfilled gap, with eager customers (locally and located all across western Europe), willing to make the most of their treasured bikes all year round.
  • A combination of favorable factors: accessibility, excellent all-year-round weather conditions, natural environment, existing local tourism infrastructures and full collaboration with the local government entities.

Latest News

Mr. Xavier Costa joins board of directors of Elevated MTB

May 2021

We would like to welcome Mr. Xavier Costa as a new member of the Elevated MTB board of directors. Mr. Costa is a local entrepreneur who has touched and propelled many private and public organizations throughout his career. We began collaborating with Mr. Costa over a year ago and all the interactions proved to be a wealth of local and business knowledge, and we are confident that his active role will strengthen our position as a key player in the bike industry in Catalonia, Spain, and the rest of Europe.

Some of Mr. Costa previous achievements include:

  • Studied Chemical engineering followed by an MBA at ESADE business school, proven track record of international business development.
  • In 2005 he bought, together with a private equity, the company Lékué, a local manufacturer of houseware rubber products, and as CEO transformed it into the world leader in Silicone kitchenware products, present in 70 countries and with their multiple subsidiaries they are perceived as one of the most innovative cookware brands in the world.
  • Mr. Costa served as a CEO for other major Catalan companies with international reach.
  • In 2013 he received the Spanish “National Design and Innovation award”.
  • Affiliated with the Catalan Chamber of Commerce.
  • Vice president of the Catalan Cycling Federation since 2015 (FCC).
  • Permits, architects, Investment

    April 2021

    Springtime has been a busy period for the team of Elevated MTB. Several important activities are continuing to evolve and bring us closer to realizing our goal of welcoming mountain bikers and active lifestyle guests in 2022. During this period, we are focusing a lot of our efforts on the permit process which is quite complex and involves active participation of environmental consultants, architects, local governments, and unions. On the positive side, as we progress, we find new ways of collaborating with local communities and city officials by bringing the bike resort and local cultural experience closer together. From day one this has been our aspiration, and we are incredibly happy to see common interests, ideas and partnerships come to life. From the design perspective, our architects ensure that the project is well integrated into the surrounding area, mobility is optimized, and environmental strategies are maintained. We are also happy to announce that we have been able to finalize the current investment round and incorporation of new shareholders into the business. Above events allow us to stick to our timelines while removing business risks as we progress forward. Truly, very exciting times ahead!

    Check out our promo video!

    April 2021

    Check out our promo video!

    Collaboration with Campdevànol

    March 2021

    Elevated Mountain Bike Park (EMBP) is delighted to announce its collaboration with the city hall of Campdevànol, Catalonia, Spain.

    The future bike park will be located in Ripoll bordering with Campdevànol ( 1,5 Km from its city center). Foreseeing a great potential for value-creation for the people and businesses of Campdevànol, we met with the Mayor, Mrs. Dolors Costa and her team and signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to further elaborate our synergies and infrastructure developments.

    We are now looking forward to working together with Campdevànol's official entities, the local hospitality businesses and the overall local services sector.

    Elevated MTB and SecurionPay joint partnership

    December, 2020

    Elevated MTB is pleased to announce its partnership with SecurionPay, a Swiss company pioneering in the most secure solutions for a dynamically changing online payment industry.

    Through innovative technology, know-how and years of experience in payment solutions, banking and IT development, this processing platform has evolved to become not only the most technologically advanced platform of its kind but also into the most robust and reliable solution in the market.
    SecurionPay perfected beautiful, easy to implement check-out systems and will work with Elevated MTB to custom-build a solution that enables fast and easy payments -both on desktops and mobile phones- for our clientele.

    Elevated MTB is designing a bike park where the experience on the trails, in our shop or restaurant as well as on our website must meet the highest level of satisfaction. This is why SecurionPay is the right partner for us.
    SecurionPay's platform will be Elevated MTB's one stop shop for future online transactions and together we will ensure a smooth and secure payment experience for our customers.

    Elevated MTB secures a strategic location

    December, 2020

    Elevated MTB has confirmed a location for the development of its Bike Park with a 25-year lease agreement reached between multiple landowners.

    The future Elevated MTB bike park will be located on the mountain of Puig de la Devesa in the municipality of Ripoll. The base of the resort will be located just 1.2 km from the train station connecting it with the city of Barcelona and the airport.
    An area of 1,500,000 m2 and a vertical elevation of almost 400 meters allows for network of trails that will satisfy the needs of every rider.

    We would like to thank the many people involved in this effort!

    2020 season reports 10% growth

    October, 2020

    October marks the end of the bike season in the Pyrenees, which allows us to evaluate the published data from bike parks considered local to Catalonia and Barcelona.
    We have looked at the data of 3 bike parks most visited by the local mountain bike community: Vallnord (Andorra), La Molina and Les Angles (France).

    2020 has been a unique year with respect to travel, and as we redirected our focus to local tourism it confirmed our market research related to this segment.

    Despite the absence of international tourists, 2020 turned out to be a strong year with an average growth of 10% vs. previous year, with La Molina reporting a 29% increase.
    This impressive turnout confirms that Catalonia has a strong and determined mountain bike population.
    The aforementioned bike parks remained open for 85 days and sold approximately 103.000 day passes which represent a segment familiar with the concept of taking a chairlift to access bike trails.

    Elevated MTB will be the only alternative when ski resorts close their access to bike users at the beginning of the ski season.

    Emphasis on local environment

    August, 2020

    We met with TV Ripollès press this Friday in order to explain further the concept of our project and its beneficial impact on the region. It is not only possible but fundamental to us to support the economical development of the area in a sustainable way.

    COVID-19 Lessons learned

    June, 2020

    The corona virus pandemic has had a profound impact on our world’s economy and social behaviors. Many industries suffered and only a few benefited from this new reality. Elevated MTB has closely observed its impact on the mountain biking and biking industry in general. Now that everyone is settling into a new reality, we can see that biking industry has flourished as a result of the new social distancing measures, which have strongly shifted team-based and indoor-based sport activities into outdoor activities and mountain biking in particular.

    In Catalonia, following the relaxation of the confinement, bike sales jumped 30% from the pre-covid base, and bike repairs were up by 50%. Currently, many bikes are sold-out and new customers are forced to wait several months for new stock. The same is true for other countries in Europe such as the UK (, Germany, Benelux, France,... This growth has also had a major spill-over effect on mountain biking.

    In Spain for example, the government encourages people to swap the beach for the mountains; moreover, the European Commission is strongly lobbying to re-emphasize the “inland rural” tourism.

    As people return to outdoor activities, we have seen substantial increases in visitors at the local summer bike parks and mountain resorts, both in biker and hiker numbers. Actually, in contrast to gyms, swimming pools and indoor multisport facilities, bike parks are one of the few sports businesses that have been operating continuously since the lockdown was announced.

    The Team is Expanding

    May, 2020

    As with any start-up the amount of work is hard to describe. Ambitious projects of this size have many parallel activities and that is why we are happy to see our team grow. We no longer have to do all the heavy lifting as we recruit individuals with relevant business skills and passion for the sport of Mountain Biking. Since establishing our company, we have added a project manager and a marketing and design expert with extensive industry experience.
    Our latest addition is an architect who's background in large scale construction and understanding of local laws will help us navigate through construction and permit work. We are excited to see these individuals excel and help us execute our objectives and timelines.

    In the News

    April, 2020

    After our successful signing with the city of Ripoll our project began to receive attention from local news outlets and became a topic of discussion among government officials. We are happy to share the video of the Mayor of Ripoll discussing Elevated MTB Bike Resort on a Catalan television channel.

    ITB Canceled

    March, 2020

    ITB Berlin is the largest tourism congress in the world. Elevated MTB team was scheduled to participate and engage with tour operators and guides from across Europe to discuss promotion and opportunities to build all inclusive travel packages. We believe this is a great way to build a pipeline of future customers and affiliate marketeers who would list us as a must-do adventure while in Spain.
    Unfortunately, the event was canceled due to the outbreak of COVid-19. Meeting has been moved till next year, and so was our registration.
    See you next year ITB!

    FCC Memo

    March, 2020

    Another important step for Elevated MTB is the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding with the FCC (Federació Catalana de Ciclisme)! The FCC announced its collaboration with us via a press release on March 13th 2020.
    The FCC is an organization behind the success of road biking in Catalonia and specifically in the province of Girona, making it an international road cycling destination. We look forward to collaborating together to develop an equal level of success for mountain bikes. It is obvious that the time for infrastructure development for mountain bikes in Catalonia has arrived. Both our organizations recognize the unfulfilled gap in the region, the size and potential of this demographic and synergies with other bike disciplines.

    Signed with the City of Ripoll

    February, 2020

    Big step forward for Elevated MTB. We have signed an agreement with the city of Ripoll. Our team met with the city hall members in charge of helping us with the different steps to bring this project to a good end. Our cooperation was announced via a press release on March 1st 2020.

    IQS Tech Conference

    January, 2020

    On January 23rd 2020, Elevated MTB spent the day at the IQS Tech Fest, meeting with other entrepreneurs and potential investors. Even though this was an event targeting tech companies, our project received a lot of genuine interest and enthusiasm. We have established promising contacts connected to local investor networks and consultants specialising in unique projects that boost economic development of the region. We look forward to the several calls and meetings which were set-up for the coming weeks.

    Town Follow-up Meetings

    December, 2019

    We have been invited for follow-up meetings with a few of our selected towns. We have decided to prioritize the town of Ripoll. The government officials understand very well the potential of our target audience and believe our project complements some of the town's development objectives. We are accompanied by officials responsible for environment, economic development, land architects and the Mayor of the town. We are making great progress defining the requirements and next steps. The town of Ripoll has been very responsive and professional in our interactions.
    We are looking forward to continuing the discussions after holidays and new year.

    Pitching to Local Towns

    October, 2019

    The first round of meetings with the local towns is behind us. Location, Location, Location, we understand it very well and it is a crucial part of our business plan. Based on this criteria we have selected several towns that fit our requirement and were pleased when all wished to meet with us. Our proposal was very well received by multiple towns and we feel confident that further discussions will continue. These are our top tier locations and we made sure to explain broader benefits our project can bring to the towns and communities.

    Feasibility Study

    September, 2019

    After many months of research and extensive work, our feasibility study is complete. It took a lot of work to consolidate the data of local and international markets. Many meetings took place to understand the project scope and who will need to be involved and at what stage. Our initial assumptions were verified with data and proven track record from other locations around the world that implement similar strategies. Here in Catalonia we have extra assets in our favor so we are excited to discuss the project with local towns and Catalan government representatives.
    If you are interested in learning more, please contact us, as we have made parts of the document available for preliminary discussions with investors.

    About Us

    Szymon Kowalski


    +34 67 99 8631

  • Strategic business development, sales and marketing
  • Ex-professional downhill racer with in depth knowledge of the mountain bike market, industry and tourism
  • Degree in Chemistry and Physics from University of Colorado at Denver
  • For the past 10 years Szymon has been responsible for strategic marketing and commercialisation of medical devices across the entire region of EMEA. Managed market access including governmental affairs, regulatory framework, KOL relations and multi-million public tender agreements.
  • Start-up experience. Leading the sales and helping to grow the business 10-fold
  • Szymon strongly believes in strategic and ethical partnerships that yields Win-Win solutions
  • Passionate mountain biker who spent his earlier years competing all over the USA on a professional level while coaching young generation of future bikers. Active in local clubs and bicycle shop race teams bringing awareness to the sport and developing new customer base for the industry